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The mission of the Legal Research Club is to continue the tradition of excellence at The University of Alabama by equipping undergraduates with the skills necessary to succeed in research, expanding perspectives of legal issues in both Alabama and the nation, and excelling in the publication of the Capstone Journal of Law and Public Policy.
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Coverture and Economic Gender Inequality in Early America

By: Thomas Walsh From the founding of British colonies in North America to the United States of the mid-20th century, women were denied property rights equal to those which men enjoyed. Though women still are often placed at a disadvantage in modern society compared to their male counterparts, these situations are often due to social norms and gender bias rather than inequality codified in law.[1] While it may be such that women are not given just control over property due […]

Mexico’s Efforts to Curb Violence Against Journalists

By: Angelina Ramirez, University of Texas at Austin 2022 marked the tenth anniversary since the Mexican government implemented the 2012 Protection Mechanism for Human Rights Defenders and Journalists to end the significant violence against these vulnerable groups. Journalist protection mechanisms are coordinated inter-agency systems designed to ensure the safety of journalists by focusing on the prevention and prosecution of violence against journalists.[1] These mechanisms facilitate the dispatch of first responder teams and emergency protection measures for threatened reporters. Each mechanism […]

Vega v. Tekoh: The Undermining of Miranda

By: Kate Killean The holding in Miranda v. Arizona is one of the backbones of law enforcement in the United States, not to mention its appearance in television shows and movies. It established the well-known standard that for a statement to be admissible in court, a law enforcement officer must read certain rights, including that against self-incrimination, to detainees before questioning.[1] This rule is prophylactic, meaning it is not directly stated in the Constitution but is used to overprotect constitutional […]

The Connection Between Nat’l Pork Producers Council v. Ross and Abortion

By: Delaney Epley Nat’l Pork Producers Council v. Ross is a pending case argued in front of the Supreme Court in 2022. The case revolves around Proposition 12, passed by California in 2018, which prohibits the sale of pork from animals confined in a manner inconsistent with California’s standards. The case’s central question is whether this law is inconsistent with the U.S. Constitution’s dormant commerce clause. Here, the argument is that the law violates the dormant clause because it essentially […]